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“Angry, and half in love with you, and tremendously sorry, I turned away.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald   (via 7starryskies)


I just want to kil myself, this is too fucking much. Please make this pain  stops, because today, suicide seems to be the only way to end it.

New day, new chapter, new life

Getting cheated on by the person you love hurts probably more than anything else. You lose your sense of worth, identity and confidence. At once I made her happy and I made her my everything. I to had opportunities to cheat, and plenty of them. I didn’t want to fill that same cliche that all guys are dogs. Im far from one. Even though I feel like im nothing, I know theres someone out there worth what im going through now. Life just got extremely hard, but I know ill make it.



Waking up this morning an realizing I lost my best friend hurts. In words I cannot describe. I know it’s better this wy but I wasn’t ready for you to leave… Oh well you’re an unfaithful lover. I will miss the old you. I’ll never forget the love we once shared.


literally the most badass moment in the history of animated film


Kaleidoscope Sky


Kaleidoscope Sky